North Deering
Alliance Church
All Nations Outreach Ministries

Recently, a special service was conducted at our church to share the style and flavor of African Worship. This was done with dance and music - some in French, a skit, and a gospel message. Then we were introduced to the Bible Training Students. After the service, we gathered together for a lunch and social time. ......Below are a few pictures of that event.

.. .. .North Deering Alliance Church has become the home for All Nations Outreach Ministry (ANOM), a mission organized for the benefit of the international Christian community in the Greater Portland area.

In October of 2003, a small group of individuals led by Rev Jean-Pierre Tshamala desired to put their Christian faith to work by gathering recent immigrants (mostly Central Africans) to help meet expressed needs for social and spiritual opportunities.
On July 26, 2006, All Nations Outreach Ministry was legally incorporated as a nonprofit organization according to the articles of incorporation for the State of Maine. And in January 2009, was recognized as exempt under section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code in a letter of determination.

The Ministry includes:
Maine Cooperative Ministry for Leadership Training/Bible Institute:
The Bible Institute uses the Bible Training Center for Pastors (BTCP) concepts and curriculum, to provide trans-denominational basic Bible training for international pastors and church leaders that will adequately and effectively equip them with the necessary knowledge and practical skills for the work of local church ministry, here and abroad. The training began in November of 2009 with a total of 23 students from different ethnic groups (Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan). See Bible Training Center for Pastors
English as a Second Language:
The goal for the program is to provide help for Bible Institute students so they may attain language proficiency in order to navigate every day life in the United States, including applying and interviewing for a job.
International Dinners:
The goal is to provide recent immigrants with a social event that would enable people to meet one another, share resources, offer encouragement and introduce new people to our wider program. These dinners are free with an average attendance of 150 people.
Home Furnishings:
The goal is to help recent immigrants to secure needed furniture and household goods for their homes. We take donations of usable household goods from local area residents and deliver them to households that have need. Distribution is based on availability and there is no charge to the recipients.

Through this new affiliation, the church has organized a clothing closet, and pantry for household goods & supplies. Many families have been helped with furniture and bedding as well.  Consequently, many of these families now make N.D.A.C. their new church home.